Self Love

      “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get                                                                     anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

In the midst of our daily lives, working, commuting, and progressing to our betterment, we all have been left with less time to reflect on ourselves. With our voices and our values left drowned out by
distractions, we simply forget who we are and how we became the person we are today. Weeks, months and years pass, the concept of time escaping us. Yet, we never just take those moments to pause and
reflect on ourselves. To see all of the cherished moments and struggles that built us into who we are. The moments that tend to even shape our bodies and can be seen on our faces, yet never captured.

Self-Love is a project about self-reflection, self-redemption, and self-love. Reminding ourselves that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and exactly who we are supposed to be in that moment of time.
We want to capture and express these people’s individuality; with our aim to make these people proud of who they are and how they became themselves. We begin this process by first talking to our models, to help find a better understanding of them and how we can best portray them; covering everything from their life achievements to what makes them happy on the day to day. From this, we then produce an overall concept, including what types of clothes of theirs we think they should wear and the poses we believe will best convey who they are. Once we get their approval of this we begin our shoot.

One of the most important things we have learned from doing photography shoots is that to ensure the most natural and beautiful shots, we have to make sure the model feels totally comfortable in front of the camera. To produce this outcome we talk to them, slowly getting them to open up about themselves, sometimes even using the assistance of a mirror, which leads them to feel more confident and own their look. This project was also an opportunity for us to put ourselves on the other side of the camera too. Going through the exact same experience as our other models, we were able to feel the same vulnerability that soon grows into confidence, as you finally take that moment to pause and reflect on yourself, just allowing your body to express itself naturally.


From doing this we realised how the vulnerability is really a strength, and that exhibiting and expressing it can show incredible beauty. And from this, we created something that wasn’t just visual art, but something that held the model's emotions, their thoughts, and their own reflection of themselves.