Ashim Ghale

Hi I’m Ashim. A person with a deep love for food, photography and people! My photography journey began when I was in college, I then continued to develop this through university, leading me to where I now am, which is owning my own photography business.

People say “a picture says a thousand words” but I say “a picture lets us view a fragment of a memory we once had”. I surprisingly to some didn’t originally do portraits or events when I first started out, due to not feeling confident enough. However, after many years of experience, I’ve grown to love the process of meeting new people and capturing their special moments for them.

You see, for me photography is all about memories and capturing a moment in time that will be part of someone’s life forever, whether it’s a moment of self expression or the memory of a significant moment of their life.

Samir Gurung

Hi, I’m Samir and I am a filmmaker. What I most love about producing video footage is capturing the emotions of the subjects, particularly the joy and happiness shared between them.

One of my favourite types of shoots are weddings; with the last minute quickening of nerves, the warm greetings of family and friends reuniting and the subtle loving looks between a couple. I love to capture all of their unique quirks, so that they may relive their special day how they originally felt it, forever. To do this, I aim to not just film a series of standard shots, but combine care and attention with artistry and an appreciation for detail, to weave together a narrative that accurately tells their story. And this is something that I make sure to adapt to fit with each individual couple.


Using minimal tools and careful use of natural lighting, composition and framing, I am highly attentive to try and produce a wedding’s natural atmosphere visually, sonically and through music, so that their wedding can be accurately replicated on film just as they had experienced it on that day.


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